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Real Estate Title
Insurance Company

Protecting Your Property Rights And Insuring You Buy Your Home With Confidence

Meeting the Staff


Endeavor Title - A Real Estate Title Company

Endeavor Title is an experienced title company in Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia. We know how overwhelming the process can be for all parties involved. We have our processes down to a science and have dealt with many unusual circumstances.


The Focused & Flexible Title Company


Endeavor Title has closed thousands of loans. A house is the biggest investment in a person’s lifetime.  We know how stressful the day of settlement can be for all parties whether it is a purchase or a refinance. Our strong relationships with the lenders help us prepare the settlement package and organize the settlement time and place so there are no surprises at the table. We are the last piece of the financial puzzle. We want every client to be happy with their decision to purchase or refinance. Because when we look good, so do you.



Endeavor Title has its own in-house abstracting team which allows us to guarantee accurate and thorough title searches.  Our processing team has combined experience of over 25 years. Our fast, accurate efficiency is what keeps our loyal customers returning time and time again. If there are any legal issues with title searches or issues with ownership regarding the property, our owner/attorney is available with his expertise. We are backed by First American Title Company which has been our underwriter for over 6 years.



We are just a phone call away. If you have questions about your or your client's property, call us directly.  We will answer your questions promptly. You won’t get stuck in someone’s filled voice mailbox. You will get a live person every time. Our relationships with the lenders and the personal touch we offer make us a unique title company. We know what it takes to keep you and your clients happy.



Jason Kahalas has been an attorney in the real estate industry for over 15 years. He just doesn't oversee the business; he is hands-on day after day. He is an integral part of the business and being an owner, he makes sure that if any legal issues arise, he is readily available to offer his legal expertise.  

Why Endeavor

Title Services Offered By Endeavor Title

We don’t just serve one population, but many. There are lots of different people involved at every angle in a real estate transaction. Thanks to our skills and experience, we understand all of these roles - and that means we can provide the title insurance services necessary. 


At Endeavor Title Company, we offer services to: 


  • Lenders

  • Buyers

  • Sellers

  • Investors

  • Realtors


It is this all-inclusive focus we have that allows us to have such a deep understanding of the transactions in the real estate world and, in turn, enhance your experience.

Benefits of Working With a Title Company 

When you are purchasing a piece of real estate,  you want everything to go smoothly. With the right team leading the way, you are sure to reap the benefits. 


Clear Communication. Having someone who can answer your questions and explain each step with you along the way is very helpful. With Endeavor Title Company on your side, the information you seek is just a phone call away. 


Efficiency. There are a lot of documents and financial matters that take place between signing a purchase contract and the settlement date. When you work with our highly established title company, you have access to efficient processes that can ensure all the details of the transaction are correct. 


Legal Expertise. Having legal experts readily available in-house is an invaluable asset. It provides a sense of security when it comes to closing on a property.


In all, there is so much knowledge and experience to be found when working with the right title company. From one step in the process to the next, it helps to know that your closing will be a pleasant, stress-free experience. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it really matter what title company I choose?

Yes, it very much matters which title company you choose. Believe it or not, the title company you select can play a role in whether the sale or purchase of the property is even successful at all. Never underestimate the power of an experienced title company.  

Can the buyer and seller use the same title company?

Absolutely. Both buyer and seller can use the same title company. 

What is the biggest role of a title company?

A title company is a very important part of real estate transactions - and they have many responsibilities throughout the process. However, the biggest role of a title company is to ensure that the property is legitimately owned by the seller - and that the seller has the authority to sell it to the buyer. 

Am I required to purchase title insurance if I use a title insurance company?

While it is highly recommended that you purchase title insurance, it is not always required. There are two types of title insurance, a lender’s policy that protects the lender and an owner’s policy that protects the new owner of the property. If you are taking out a mortgage on a property, the lender will usually require a lender’s policy. Otherwise, it is ultimately your decision whether or not you purchase an owner’s policy.

How can I get started?

If you are interested in our title services, you can contact the team of professionals at Endeavor Title Company by calling our office at (410) 666-3780. We are ready to help you with this big step!

Hear From Our Clients

Happy Family

"Very flexible, very professional - and firm very communicative.  Can't ask for much more than that."

 - Jim B., Buyers Agent 

"I have been in the business full time for 50+ years. Endeavor went Above and Beyond.  Tammy saved myself, the buyers, sellers, settlement attorney and selling agent a LOT of extra work and a settlement postponement. The problems ,while solvable, would have been solved eventually but taken at least another week. Tammy  took care of things correctly & legally through determination and follow through. I for one really appreciate what she did."

Mike G., Listing Agent

"I’ve been working with endeavor title for years. Absolutely love Tim, Jason, Renee and Brett, always available, always willing to help with all your title needs. They are awesome!! You will hit the superfecta working with these 4."


-Phil T., Listing Agent

"We bought our first house over the summer. Endeavor Title was highly recommended by our realtor, Matt Smoot. Once we got to closing everything went so smoothly and we felt fully informed and that the closing agent, Steve, had us in great hands. He was personable, thorough and answered every one of our first time homebuy questions. If we move again I will definitely be contacting them for all our closing/title needs!"

Melissa L., Buyer

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