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Seller Services

Many Sellers are unaware of all the research that goes into passing on clear titles to their buyers. Our team will reach out to you and your agent to get contact information for requesting documents a seller is required to provide as part of the Title Insurance process. Examples can include HOA or Condo Association verifications, Mortgage or Judgment Payoffs, Agent Commissions and Fees, Social Security numbers, and potentially other documents. For your safety, we have a secure portal for uploading your personal information needed prior to closing.

We also guide sellers through the real estate transaction, including: 


  • The preparation of all the necessary documentation for the closing

  • Diligently performing a title search to ensure there are no issues with the title

  • Assisting in lien negotiation

  • Review and validate the details of the sale contract on the property

  • Protect the escrow accounting holding the earnest (good faith) money - as well as eventually all the monies to purchase the home

  • Coordinating the closing between all parties



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Whether you are the buyer or the seller, there is a lot that goes into a real estate transaction. Having a trusted title company on your side can make the experience go much more smoothly - all the way through the closing. 

With speedy responses, you can help us provide a Clear Title Commitment as soon as possible to ensure that your closing takes place on time. Visit our What to Expect or F.A.Q. pages to learn more.

Trust in Endeavor Title Company


At Endeavor Title Company, we don’t just focus on the buyers - we put our years of experience to work for sellers, too. And we are always within reach for any questions you may have.


We are a title company that understands the importance of making sure that every transaction is as secure as possible to protect all of the parties involved. Therefore we take steps to ensure your safety at every step through the transaction.


Whether you are selling property in Maryland or Pennsylvania, we are here for you. 


Frequently Asked Questions


Who chooses the title company in Maryland? 

It is the buyer who typically chooses the title company as they are the ones who traditionally pay for the title search and title insurance.


Who chooses the title company in Pennsylvania? 

Again, it is customary for the buyer to pick the title company since they are responsible for the title insurance and the fees for the title search. 


Do liens have to be paid off prior to closing? 

Yes. If there are liens on the title, they should be negotiated and paid off before the closing. This will ensure that you get the full sale price of the home when it is funded. However, you may be able to receive a payoff from the lienholder and pay it as a condition of the sale. This will pull money from the sale proceeds to pay off the debt - and you will get the remainder. 


If the buyer backs out, will the earnest deposit be lost? 

It depends on the situation. If the buyer backs out of the transaction without a valid reason. For instance, if they decide they don’t want to move forward with the sale or they don’t meet specific deadlines, such as inspections or appraisals, the earnest deposit is forfeited and it will go to the seller. On the other hand, if the home fails to pass inspection, appraises too low, has too many title issues, and so on, the seller will lose out on the money. 

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