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Maryland Real Estate Title Insurance


As a real estate agent, it is crucial to have coordination between all parties. At Endeavor Title, our personalized customer service keeps realtors, lenders and all stakeholders well informed throughout the entire process. Our experience will ensure and eliminate any surprises at settlement. We have the expertise to deal with builders, leasehold, residential, commercial and even historical properties. Endeavor Title will guarantee that everyone at the settlement table will be happy, satisfied clients because when you look good, so do we.

Short Sale

We have the experience with short sale and REO transactions. Our experienced legal team can implement the negotiations. We will get all the necessary information to the lender. We can complement your expertise as a Realtor and handle everything on our end so you can cultivate more transactions in the meantime.

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Continuing Education

The Professional Development Institute (PDI) provides continuing education to real estate agents and brokers throughout Maryland. Endeavor’s attorneys are approved through PDI to teach several CE courses. They will teach classes at your request and your locations to accommodate as many Realtors as needed.

If your agents are in need of a certain class, whether it’s legislative, short sales, ethics or etc., let us help you get the required continuing education classes. Contact Jason Kahalas to set up a class convenient for you.

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